About us

Honglang Group aims to empower our customers, help them change the way they purchase, transport and customs clearance, and improve their efficiency. We provide basic product data and technical guidance for agents, end customers and their teams, help them interact with customers with the help of new technology, and operate and maintain more efficiently.

Our business includes design, production, trade and import and export agency services. In addition, we also provide OEM, ODM processing. Around our platform and business, one covers purchasing, transportation, customs clearance, sales, after-sales service and establishment. The key products and service including:

LED lighting fixtures, Mine related supplies, 3D printer and printing serive, Intelligent management cabinet, Intelligent Imaging equipments, Smart wearable devices, Umbrella, Children tents, raincoat, OEM, ODM production and Import & Export agency service, Logistics service etc.

…Our vision is to build a one-stop service import and export platform:

We aim to build a one-stop service import and export platform. Our vision is to simplify, intelligentize and humanize our customers’ work. We don’t want to be big or strong; we want to be a good company that has lived for 102 years.

Meet in Honglang: we empower tens of thousands of users, consumers and agents, and enterprises with daily business and social interaction.

Working in Honglang: we provide our customers with business infrastructure and new technology, so that they can build business, create value and share profits with us.

Living in Honglang: we are committed to expanding our products and services to make Honglang an important part of our customers’ daily life.

With the continuous expansion of our business, from business to cloud intelligent services and many other fields, Honglang has evolved into a unique, dynamic and innovative enterprise.

102 years: Honglang group was founded in 2002. The continuous development of at least 102 years means that we will span three centuries and achieve few achievements that can be achieved by enterprises. Our culture, business model and system are built to stand the test of time, so that we can achieve long-term sustainable development.

If you want to cooperate on the products of Honglang group, or put forward suggestions and requirements for related products and services, please cooperate with our team, please refer to Honglang group Contact us. Cheers!