History and milestones

Honglang group was founded in Shenzhen in 2002. From the beginning, all founders believed that the Internet could create a fair competition environment, enable enterprises to expand their business through innovation and technology, and be in a more favorable position to participate in the domestic or global market competition. Since its launch, Honglang group has become a global leader in online and e-commerce, making procurement easier, customs clearance more smooth and logistics more convenient. Honglang group and its related companies currently produce and operate leading industry-leading innovative products and provide excellent and convenient services.

Year 2002: Set up the R & D Department of COVID-19 prevention materials, and timely launched the 10 national language Face recognition instrument with Thermometer.

Year 2014: Upgrade the dust-free workshop, HONGLANG diversified product R & D center established

Year 2012: Gained the prize of China AAA grade credit enterprise & National High-tech Enterprise, and HONGLANG enterprise founded,  committed to build a one-stop service Imp.& Exp. platform

Year 2011: HONGLANG succeed to obtain the Lighting orders from Riyadh & Jeddah airport projects, Duty Free Shops, Manuel Supermarkets and Dubai airports etc.

Year 2009:Announced the cooperation with the Largest Czech Construction Company Metrostav a.s., as well the New denmark Mine.

Year 2008: Signed the strategic collaboration agreement with Guangzhou Plantations, and the 1st standing Plant Growing  LED Lighting came out.

Year 2005: Focused on the R & D & Manufacturing of Lighting products with LEDs (4th generation light source), Committed to the lamp replacement service in international high-end place, Railway station and airports etc 

Year 2002: Developed the first generation of high level Li-ion polymer battery, and Li-ion battery Mining Cap Lamp R&D center founded

Year 2002: The SuperLED enterprise founded