Intelligent Photography equipment

Intelligent photography and visual products are gradually entering our lives, such as aerial photography UAV, underwater UAV, mobile phone stabilizer, camera stabilizer and smart camera, intelligent monitoring and intelligent visual doorbell, etc

All-in-one 4G smart watch with Drone

4G smart watch
Operation system: Android+4G,Memory:16G,2Ghzprocessor
GPS+9-axis sensor+G-sensor+LBS+AGPS positioning
GSM:850/900/1800/1900,WCDMA: 850/1200
Battery:750mA, Charging port: type C
Precise folded Drone
Single-power endurance: 5minues
Flying distance: 30meters, Live streaming distance: 25m
Max.ascend speed:3.5m/s,Max.descent speed:1.5m/s
Battery capacity:400mA, weight:10g

Submarine photographing UAV

Max. depth 100m, max. speed 2m / s, Endurance 2Hours.

Intelligent propulsion and precise hover, which can accurately float, submerge, hover, tilt and rotate. Three vertical thrusters combined with intelligent control algorithm ensure the UAV stable operation in all directions, and two horizontal thrusters output 2 m / s power and anti current capability.

Aerial Photographing UAV

Aerial photographing UAV is an unmanned aerial vehicle controlled by radio remote control equipment or airborne computer program control system. It has simple structure and low use cost, and is suitable for tasks that are not suitable for manned aircraft, such as aerial photographing, micro self photographing, wildlife observation, film and television shooting, etc

Cell Phone Stabilizer/Gimbal

Electronic stabilizer for stable shooting, belonging to auxiliary shooting equipment.

Electronic stabilizer, used for stable shooting, belongs to auxiliary shooting equipment. It can also shoot stable and smooth pictures under the condition of motion and high speed. Using high-speed processor, high-precision sensor, innovative advanced control algorithm and a new generation of MEMS gyroscope drift suppression technology.

Carema Stabilizer

Depending on the mature stability system, the hand-held stabilizer can effectively reduce the adverse effects caused by the shaking of the operator’s body. The entity compensates for the bumps and jitters during the shooting process of the mobile phone, and ensures the clarity and beauty of the shooting picture.

It can be used to imitate the shooting technique of the rocker arm movement for lifting, circling, movement, etc.