Intelligent management cabinet

The intelligent storage cabinet is used to store the turnover box. The storage cabinet and the turnover box are used to cooperate for storage, which is convenient for batch storage of accessories, free access to the turnover box and other functions. It has the effect of intelligent, fast, convenient and accurate access to the turnover box. It is equipped with intelligent management system software, which is easy to operate. The overall storage cabinet management is controlled by the management software, with voice prompt and wireless barcode The reader cooperates with the management to realize the purpose of simple operation and fast access. The intelligent storage cabinet adopts advanced technology, with manual control, single machine automatic control, online automatic control and other operation modes. The management monitoring system adopts network structure, which can be connected with ERP, so as to realize the standardization and modernization of warehouse management.

Intelligent Charging Cabinet for Miners Cap Lamps

Iris Recognition System

Computer management system

Colour LCD Screen

Wisco box steel plate and powder coating

LED Double-sided Bar Screen

Electromagnetic lock

100ways for charging 100pcs Miners Cap Lamps

Mobile Deposit Cabinet

As a new storage facility developed in recent two years, mobile phone storage cabinet is mainly used in various enterprises and units. Its main purpose is to help everyone store mobile phones and prevent theft. Equipped with USB connector, it can meet the needs of charging. Control methods include computer terminal control, Electromagnetic lock, password control, iris Shib, fingerprint recognition and face recognition.

Intelligent Express Cabinet

With the rapid expansion of express delivery market, express cabinet industry is also growing rapidly. Based on the Internet of things, the intelligent express cabinet can identify, temporarily store, monitor and manage the express. The business that intelligent express cabinet can carry out is not limited to deposit. In addition to receiving, consumers can also send on the intelligent express cabinet, which saves the time waiting for the courier and makes receiving and sending more convenient.

Intelligent key management cabinet

The system of smart key management cabinet enables you to fully control who can obtain the key, track and record the use of the key, control the key of vehicles, buildings, facilities, articles, public property, etc., reduce the key distribution management of special personnel, improve work efficiency, and greatly reduce the expenditure of management costs. RFID smart key bolt, management software, intelligent control module, intelligent control terminal and intelligent cabinet constitute an excellent key management system.