LED Lighting Fixtures

With an integrated R&D, engineering, manufacturing and service system of LED Lighting Fixtures. Honglang Group is committed to providing high-quality standards coupled with a professional approach and custom LED lighting solutions to worldwide distributors and projects, such as Abdul-Aziz King International Airport, King Fahd International Airport, Duty Free Shops, Manuel Supermarkets and Dubai International Airport parking lots.

Commercial Lighting Fixtures

LED Panel Lights

LED High Bay Lights

LED Tube Lights

LED Linear Lamps

LED Triple Proof Lights

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

LED Flood lights

LED Point Lights

LED Street Lights

LED Tunnel Lights

LED Neon Lights

Indoor Lighting Fixtures

LED Ceiling Lights

LED Downlights

LED Bulb lamps

LED Spotlights

LED Candle Lights

Signboard Lighting Fixtues

LED Modules

LED Flexible Strip Lights

LED Rigid Strip Lights

LED Neon Lights

DC12V/24V Power Supply

LED Controller

Plant Growing Lights

LED Aquarium Lights

LED Par Growing Lamps

Automotive Lamps

LED Car head lamps

Offroad Light Bars