Mine supplies & equipments

Miners Cap Lamps

Miner’s lamp is a general designation of special lighting appliances used in the mine. The lighting part of the miner’s lamp consists of the lamp head shell and the reflector, bulb, lamp face glass, lamp head ring and other parts installed in the lamp head shell. The battery box and cable are connected to form a complete miner’s lamp. The charging device could be single lamp charger, normal charging rack and intelligent charging cabinets.

Intelligent Charging Cabinet for Miners Cap Lamps

Iris Recognition System

Colour LCD Screen

Wisco box steel plate and powder coating

LED Double-sided Bar Screen

Electromagnetic lock

100ways for charging 100pcs Miners Cap Lamps

Miners Protective Appliance

Miners Self-rescuers

Mine Gas Mask

Mine gloves

Mine Safety helmet

Mine Suit, Boots

Mining Electric Equipment

Mine Wires & Cables, Mining Switch

LED Torch, Explosion proof lamps

Mine Automation Instrument

Mine transformer

Flameproof Electric Motor

Mining wireless communication system

with the optical fiber communication network as the backbone (connected to the existing industrial ring network or independent network), and the wireless network as the extension, a number of underground coal mines are set up. Through the wireless communication means, a common platform is provided for the realization of personnel idea communication, personnel monitoring, digital video monitoring and environmental monitoring. It also provides a good platform for the realization of production scheduling, emergency rescue and safety monitoring.