Export service

HONGLANG Import and Export Services’ Mission is to assist small to large size business worldwide to develop China Market. Connecting as a bridge, HONGLANG will be the gateway for who wish to expand their business into the fastest growing markets in the world. Our service-oriented focus, professionalism, and expertise will help build long term strategic partnership with all our clients.

Our Export Service range:

Goods import service:  We help worldwide companies to source the required products for the exporting purpose from China market, whatever you need, we will help you to find out the most valuable ones. or Chinese companies to export their brand products to global market, all procedures will be finished in one step,like Goods(container) picking up, customs broker, Shipment by Sea, Air-transportant, International courier etc, and deliverying the goods(container) to clients’ target terminals.

Trade consulting service:  With knowledge and technology as a means to assist customers in solving complex trade problems in the global countries, we aim to provide intelligent services for the clients.

Market Research and Analysis service: The way of market research is to use questionnaires, games and online ways. It can be qualitative research (confirm direction) or quantitative research (confirm Quantification Scale). From their purposes and needs, we can analyze how big the market scale is, what is the consumer demand, preferences, acceptability and penetration? How do your products and services position in the market

Event and Exhibition: Trade management Exhibition trade (Trade Fair) is a way of trade where exporters concentrate similar or various commodities in selected locations for exhibition and sale. We supply exhibition place booking, translation, organization, accompanying and sourcing service.

Trademark registration agency: There are two ways for an applicant to apply for registration of a trademark abroad. One is to register the trademark one by one, i.e. to apply for registration with the trademark authorities of each country; the other is to register the trademark in Madrid internationally.  We will provide you with the most suitable trademark registration consulting and agency services for your products.

Logistics consolidation and transportation: Our freight department cooperates with most shipping companies, forwarders and haulers all over the world to provide you with a complete set of servicesBy sea, by courier, by air-transportation, door to door service, customs clearance service

Worldwide Government Trade Policy and consulting:  Paid service for different worldwide Government trade policy and consulting.

Goods Inspection service Goods inspection before shipment could greatly reduce trade risk, like Quality problems, shortages, false shipments。 The inspection process will be videotaped, and videos will be provided to customers, so as to avoid false inspection due to the bribery of inspectors.