Product After-sales

To our honored customers,

Firstly, we thank you very much for choosing SuperLED & Honglang brand products.

In order to provide you satisfied service and also to protect your rights, we will offer you the products warranty services after sale as the below terms. So, please read all regulations carefully.

A. Conditions
This regulation will be applied to the whole products from Honglang Group, You could enjoy our after-sale services if you bought products through formal channels except the following conditions.
1. Defects or damaged by human resulting when using the products.
2. Products repaired and altered before both of us consulted and authorized.
3. Defects or damage from improper operation and installation, misuse,accident or force Maureen.
4. Without valid receipt of purchase or provide in congruent product information with SuperLED & Honglang products.

5. Other defects were not caused by the quality of our product.

B. Quality Assurance
Honglang Group takes the principle of “Customer First, Service Superior” to satisfy our customers in after-sale services. According to different types of our products, we promise to offer 1 years warranty period (The warranty period of different products is different. If there is no special warranty period, it is one year), in which we provide either free or paid guarantee repairs. Detailed items as followed.
1. If our products have some existence quality problems within 3 months since the date of purchasing, customers can change new products or free components to replace.
2. Warranty period after the 4th month since purchasing date.

2.1Within 12 months, if the product occurs some abnormal issues to make our products cannot work normally, we will offer free new parts to renew and repair. Changing method can be consulted and determined by particular cases.

2.2 For the products exceed warranty period, we can offer paid maintenance services.
2.3 Within the warranty period, if the same type product can’t be offered for stopping production, damaged condition causes to not be repaired or other factors, we can provide new products with same level or higher level to replace. The price gap, which generated from the price of normal buying, should be complemented.
Notice: the same level means technique and specification but not related with price, the same as below.
2.4 Exceed free warranty period, if products with serious damage ,lack of accessories supply or other uncontrollable factors causes to not be repaired, we will no longer offer maintenance service.
2.5 After renew and repair, warranty service period still accords to the originally purchasing date.
2.6 The above products warranty terms of service implementation should be established in the respect of facts, give fully consideration to the practical problem with both sides for negotiation of the specific treatment scheme.
C. Statement
If there are any other regulations which collide with this one, carry out by this one.
If the contents of this regulation are against the law, carry out according to the law.
The right of revising and interpret to this regulation belongs to Honglang Group.
This regulation is carried out at the same time of the date of promulgation.。
This regulation is only applicable to products which are ordered after May 1, 2014.